PUBG Mobile Adds New Server For Pakistan

PUBG Mobile Adds New Server For Pakistan

PUBG Mobile is known as best battle royale Mobile Game since it has been released. It is also very Popular in Pakistan . It attracted million of players around the world . and PUBG Mobile made $226 million in last Month where people spend .

As far we know In the Start of the game PUBG Mobile don’t have specific server for Pakistan So it always connect with the Europe or Indonesia Servers. Where Player get 130 to 180 ms in game and in Indonesia Server players usually get 80 to 100 ms . which is still high as compare to the Other countries like India and Indonesia where they have their own servers and they get ping like 20 ms to 80 ms and all the players are also indian . so that’s the big advantage to them.

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PUBG Mobile Server For Pakistan

So After High Demand of Separate Server of Pakistan . Finally PUBG Mobile have announced New Servers Specially For Pakistan . So now Pakistani Players can also get 20 ms to 100 ms ping in game. which makes Game more smoother and Faster. And they can Enjoy the lag free game . which makes game more competitive and attractive.

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