PUBG Mobile : Erangle 2.0 New Features

PUBG Mobile : Erangle 2.0 New Features

Almost Every Month Tencent Release beta update of the Pubg mobile . In the recent update they have released the erangle 2.0 version in chinese beta version with Ultra HD Graphics enabled and many more features .

Erangle 2.0 Yasnaya polyana Location Image

A Complete Revamp of the Map. image is the Example of Yasnaya Polyana location . Now Only the Yasnaya Polyana but the complete map has been changed and more and pure detail has been added to the map. now Pubg mobile players can also enjoy the the new erangle 2.0 map in mobile version. because erangle is the most playable map in Pubg Mobile as well as Pubg PC. So we can see that How much players love the Erangle Map.

New Map Selection UI

New UI Selection in Erangle 2.0

A Complete New Map selection interface is now Available while selecting the map in the lobby. You can clearly see the difference between the last map selection and new map selection. both are different alot.

Route Planner Marker

Route planner marker in erangle 2.0

A new Route Planner marker is now available in the game . in which you can easily decide your playing route with your teammates that after landing where are you going and whats going to be your playing startegy. with this feature everyone can easily follow You.

Vehicle Control Customization

Vehicle control customization in erangle 2.0

In Previous Version Players were used to customized their control but unable to customize the vehicle controls.But now in erangle 2.0 update players can easily update the vehicle customization like button resizing and everything.

Secrect Bunker Building

Secret bunker in erangle 2.0

As we Already know there are many new updates in new erangle 2.0 maps . Secret bunker is also one of them .To get in the bunker player need to break the bunker with their weapon .

Ultra HD Graphics

Ultra HD Graphics in Erangle in 2.0

Pubg Mobile erangle 2.0 pubg also introduce the Ultra HD Graphics . where now some high end devices will able to play the game on UHD Graphics and enjoy the game.

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